WeMark’s Award Winning Pitch at Blockchain Open Forum Conference in Seoul South Korea

The Blockchain Open Forum Conference was a two-day event held on June 28 and 29 in Seoul, South Korea. With over 3,000 people in attendance, BOFPC was the largest blockchain centered conference that ever took place in South Korea. It served as a platform for inventors to present their real decentralized apps (Daps).

BOPFC’s official hosts were Token Post and Economies. The conference focused on blockchain applications in entertainment, cryptocurrency, and exchange and financial services. It also covered blockchain apps centered on social media, real estate, education, photography, and gaming. The event’s sponsors and participants included Ripple, Coin street, Bitfury, and Evercoin.

The key speakers at the event were Tai Kaish (WeMark’s CEO), Tim Draper (founder of Draper Associates) and Miko Matsumura (co-founder of Evercoin Exchange). Other speakers included Andy Tian (CEO of Asia Innovations Group) and Bobby Lee (co-founder of BTCC). These executives have to listen to each other’s pitches and present their own.


WeMark’s Award Winning Pitch at the Conference

WeMark was among the companies that were highlighting their decentralized applications. WeMark’s co-founder and CEO, Tai Kaish, made the presentations on behalf of the company. He based his presentation on how his company is contributing to the real-life applications of the blockchain technology.

Tai Kaish, an expert in digital marketing and growth hacking, began his presentation by explaining what WeMark does. He pointed out that WeMark is a dynamic community of independent photographers. Kaish stated that his company licenses photographs for the independent photographers before they reach consumers. He said that the company eliminates the need for involving an agency for the licensing work.

Kaish mentioned that WeMark consists of marketers, engineers, designers, and creators. According to him, these experts have a shared vision of disrupting the modern means for distributing digital content and being paid in return. He told the audience that his company’s platform for distributing the content is transparent and secure. He attributed the platform’s success to blockchain technology, which facilitates real-time peer-to-peer transactions between content creators and consumers.

The attendees at the Blockchain Open Forum Conference learned that WeMark relies on support from leading global investors. Thanks to the Tai’s speech, they also discovered that WeMark’s advisory board consists of prominent experts in blockchain technology, stock photography and online marketplaces. The attendees have to appreciate how the company is collaborating with other service providers to make digital content more accessible.

Lessons Learnt from WeMark’s Pitch

As marketplaces are gaining strength on a daily basis, WeMark is developing effective means for distributing digital content. WeMark is on a mission of ensuring that the disruptions in the marketplaces will continue taking place as it helps content creators reach more users. The company believes that an increase in demands for digital content leads to an increase in the supply for the same content.

Tai Kaish is certain that businesses can use marketing to promote products or causes liked by people. He believes that WeMark is helping consumers get access to high-quality content created by independent photographers. The company also welcomes opportunities that can make seller-consumer transactions better at the present and in the future.

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