Wemark Expanding Access to Photography

Wemark is continuing to grow and expand. In the past month, they passed the 1 million images milestone and have been working around the clock to continue to grow and expand. They are looking to become part of 6 new partnership and strive toward the leaders in stock photography. Wemark products their own images and they also have huge libraries of stock photography.

The marketplace at Wemark is open for business. They are live and expanding. This is a great place to shop for curated images. They feature the work of their partners as well as top photographers. Wemark already featured the works of Caia Image as well as CAVAN and now they are adding the content from their new partners. They are currently in the process of filtering and indexing all of these works.

There is something holding up Wemark and the expansion that everyone is waiting for. They are waiting for the licensing on the images and the licensing for the Wemark tokens. This licensing is expected to come through in the next month and they are going to continue to add partners and images to the site.

Currently, Wemark has 15 partners for their content in place. They are adding hundreds of photos on a daily basis and are looking to become one of the leaders in the industry. There are partners from around the world. Some of the newest partners to be added in Wemark include:

Image Source from the United Kingdom. Image Source has over 1.2 million experts working for them as well as a global photography collection. They are a fortune 500 company and have pictures in categories including nature, wildlife, and even people.

Westend61 from Germany. This Germany company has over 500,000 images and has a large collection of lifestyle images. They work closely with art directors, so they can have a large collection of photos. They are over 500 photographers that provide images to this site.

Tetra Images from the United States. This company has a large group of stock photos and are always adding pictures to keep up with the demands of the market. They are willing to go out and take specific photos if they are requested by a buyer. All of the subjects of their photos sign a licensing agreement so they can be posted without a problem.

Those are just some of the new partners that Wemark is working with. All of the partners have already made a name from themselves and now they are joining together to get their pictures out to many more people all over the world.

Wemark is looking to become a leader in stock photography and they are not stopping anytime soon. They are working out licensing agreements and are looking to have the largest database of photos on the internet. They are currently putting in all of the work to legally share photos. While this is time-consuming they are constantly adding this new content. There are adding new photos such as nature and wildlife and are looking to add more photos are they continue to expand.


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