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Since its inception and release into the public forum, bitcoin has had its fair share of scrutiny with most people praising it and an equally large number discouraging its use. For those on the positive side, bitcoins have been a great alternative to the normal currencies bringing with it other advantages such as universal use. For those opposing the cryptocurrency, bitcoins are unsafe due to their instability that has seen their value rise and fall constantly in the market. Regardless, this digital currency has shown that it’s here to stay, a disappointing fact to those who expected it to fail. As such, other business opportunities have risen from the concept of digital currency exchange such as cryptocurrency mixing.


About bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixing refers to the process used during bitcoin transactions to prevent easy trace of the origin of the currency. Since one of the major advantages of using bitcoins is supposed to be private, there had to be a way of ensuring that happens, which is where mixing comes in. It aims at bridging the gap that was created whenever a user made transactions but still had to leave their details eliminating the privacy aspect of the whole process.


How it works

As one makes any transaction using bitcoins such as sending the currency to someone else or making a purchase, a trail of where the bitcoin came from is left on the blockchain. Bitcoin mixing, therefore, works by making it harder for interested people to follow such transaction by eliminating any connection between the origin of the currency and its intended address. It achieves this by randomly exchanging bitcoins between users thereby creating confusion and making it harder to pinpoint one individual as the place of origin. You send your bitcoins to a third party and they send you someone else’s coins which you can then use. This way, if anyone tries to track you based on your purchases they will not succeed. Bitcoin mixing can also cause delays during transactions and make the amounts random making it more effective.



Since the blockchain which is the database where all transaction details are stored can be accessed by public members, privacy of bitcoin users is always threatened. The ability to reverse that pattern and guarantee users their privacy is one of the important uses of bitcoin tumbling. With it, users can transact freely without worrying about who might get their private information.


Compared to traditional methods, bitcoin tumbling is more convenient and safer, which is another benefit it presents. You don’t have to move around physically trying to cover your transaction trail. With just a few clicks of buttons, you can make it harder for people to track you down. Since such people may have malicious intentions, mixing helps keep you safe.


What to look for

There are many agents offering crypto mixing services but some of them aren’t genuine. It is therefore important to know what signs to look for.


Clean coins

When you deal with a company that handles dirty coins’ chances of you getting into trouble becomes higher. You should ensure the mixer you choose can disclose their source of bitcoins as clean such as this bitcoin mixing site https://bitcoinmix.org .


Transaction fees

Even though service providers in this sector profit by taking a percentage of the coins, the rate shouldn’t be too high such that it leads to losses on the user’s side. Making sure you only deal with companies that have reasonable rates. This should also be disclosed before you start conducting business with them.



With many fraudsters crowding the internet, you need to ensure the mixing company you choose is genuine. One way to do this is by going through reviews and testimonials or talking to other clients who have conducted business with them. Go through a variety to increase chances of honesty.


Why we are the best

Other than having all the above qualities, bitcoinmix.org also makes your security our top priority ensuring no slip-ups that can sabotage that. Our system is set to delete any information pertaining to your transaction with us such as emails and we don’t ask for personal information either. In addition, our commissions are on the low side ranging from between 2% to 5%, but you have the power to choose the transaction fee you want. Another reason why we are the best bitcoin mixer is that we are always willing and ready to assist our clients when needed. Our automated system can keep incomplete transactions for up to 72 hours giving you a chance to decide on the next course of action.



Forming a partnership with as is the best move to make since we are the best and most popular crypto mixer in the market. Even though our system is automated, we are always available whenever you need human assistance. Contact us and start enjoying utmost privacy during your bitcoin transactions.



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