Making Money with Personal Data Let’s Use Opiria

Personal data has been hailed as the oil of the 21st Century. The sale of the data is indeed a lucrative business that is estimated to generate around $250 billion per year. The existing data sales and purchase models are broken.

Most companies actually ‘steal’ this data by accessing the same from the people concerned without their consent. Most affected persons hit back by tightening their data privacy settings or supplying fake data. The end result is that the corporate entities obtain less data which is largely unreliable.


What is Opiria?

The Opiria Company aims to upend this situation. The company has decided to legitimize the business of purchasing and selling personal data. It is basically a data broker that brings together the purchasers of the data with their likely sellers. It is basically a decentralized marketplace for the secure trading of data. The company uses the Ethereum blockchain technology to link the buyers and sellers of data.

We are going to examine the overall benefits of Opiria to users, how to leverage it for making extra cash, and the method is superior to the existing models.


How it Works

You will first and foremost have to create an account with the site. You thereafter have to furnish the site with all your crucial personal details. Lastly, you will have to allow the site to track your online behavior. The site thereafter avails your personal details t the various corporate entities that may be interested in your data.

As soon as a company develops an interest in your data, it will send a request to access it. Some of the most common data you will be asked to provide are how you browse the internet, your favorite wearables, online shopping habits, computer usage history, and online netiquette, among others.

You will have to either approve or disapprove the request. If you decide to approve it, the site reveals this data to them. The company that harvests your data will send you a pdata token, which you may subsequently redeem for hard cash.


Benefits of Opiria

As stated, the site uses the decentralized blockchain technology to secure your data in readiness for subsequent sale. This decentralized approach is safer and more secure compared to the current centralized approach. This is because it greatly minimizes the likelihoods of breach of data. You may thus rest assured that your data shall not be infringed upon. Moreover, the site has numerous clients. This guarantees you a stable flow of income due to the expected high number of overtures.


Excellent Track Record

They say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating.’ The suitability and reliability of Opiria to generate extra income to you may be evidenced by several issues. For one, the company has assisted a host of Fortune 500 Companies. Among these are Coinspeaker, Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, and the New York Journal. You may, therefore, count on it not to let you down at all.


Invitation to Sign Up

You clearly have no excuse not to leverage this particular platform for earning cryptocurrency. Getting started with the site is pretty easy. All that you have to do is to visit the site’s official portal https://opiria.io. You thereafter have to create an account and there you go! All the best as you take the first bold step. Remember to share this content with anyone who may need it.


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