Invictus Capital Now Backs up WeMark as New VC and Crypto Fund

This year has come with good news to WeMark community as it has seen the company enter into a seemingly very beneficial partnership with Invictus Capital. WeMark, an exceptional digital content marketplace which has over the years attracted thousands of professional, independent photographers worldwide. The marketplace is a revolutionary platform as the photographers license their digital content(photos) directly to clients without any agency intervention.


Started in the year 2015, WeMark offers a set of marketing tools to its photo sellers to assist them to grow their businesses through reaching broader audiences. The platform doesn’t only aim at improving the way in which photographers reach new markets and distribute their photos but also how they receive payments for their work. In as such, the marketplace has adopted block-chain technology for transparency between the content creators and their customers. Through the technology, the two parties can conduct peer-to-peer transactions between them seamlessly for enhanced security as well as authenticity. The agreement terms between photographers and their customers are recorded on the blockchain and hence cannot be changed or reversed.


The great initiatives, smooth operation and the tremendous growth of WeMark is courtesy of the support it receives from top global investors as well as its advisory board which comprises of key figures in online marketplaces and stock photography as well as blockchain technology gurus. The company has won the trust of many organizations including venture capitals and funds. The latest move to join the bandwagon of companies is the partnership with Invictus Capital. It is expected to give a significant boost since the dominant crypto fund is committed to promoting WeMark to more potential customers, especially the enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies across the world.


Invictus Capital is a prominent crypto fund community specializing in exposing various budding and innovative investors to the cryptocurrency market through its wide array of fund options. ICO companies such as NOIA, LightStreams as well as DAV network are some of the beneficiaries of the support offered by Invictus via its Hyperion Fund. The community also specializes in cryptocurrency investments.


Other than getting exposure to new markets, WeMark expects to excel in its ongoing ventures as a result of the strategic advice and the continuing help that it will receive from the new venture capital as stipulated in their partnership agreement terms. The digital content marketplace will count on the partner’s enormous experience in business marketing and growth, blockchain technology and post-initial coin offering strategy to reach and retain more professional photographers and buyers of the digital products sold on the platform.


Invictus Capital maintains high levels of engagement with its members through its regular updates concerning the status of the progress of its projects and this will be a remarkable plus to WeMark. With the new partnership, WeMark anticipates getting more clients from the friends of Invictus, among other new markets worldwide. Other prominent funds and VCs that have been supporting WeMark before the new partnership consists of NFX Fund, Sarona Ventures, and Elevator Fund.

Hopefully, this collaboration marks a new history for WeMark.


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