Importance of CoTrader to Cryptocurrency Investor

CoTrader, a transparent investment funds marketplace, offers a number of benefits to cryptocurrency investors. The platform offers various services to investors including security, ROI, liquidity, asset control and privacy. Through its hybrid exchange tokenization infrastructure and smart funds protocol, the platform encompasses stocks, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, shorts and all assets that can be traded. Before we look into some of the benefits that CoTrader offers to cryptocurrencies, lets first understand some of the reasons why most investors fail.


In cryptocurrency investing, an investor may fail for a number of reasons. This does not necessarily mean that the investor goes bankrupt although some do. By failing, however, I mean they will make investments that will result in them losing money bit by bit and making an investment into an ICO that falls flat. Some of the reasons why most investors fail include the following. Most investors fail when they risk money that they do not really have or when they risk extra on margin with the fancy getting rich quick. Other investors do not want to admit when they are losing, in other words, they do not know how to use a stop limit. Other people do not do their own research when buying which puts them at a risk of literally losing most if not all of their investment.


Why is it CoTrader important to a cryptocurrency investor?

We have already defined what CoTrader is. In a line that definition, we understand that CoTrader simply solves the complexity problem of investment management. CoTrader provides a platform through which traders’ investment can be managed with complete transparency, a proof of a fund’s past ROI, and control of assets.


The problem most traders find when they invest in cryptos and ICO is that it is quite complicated and time-consuming. The quick return promised by cryptos pushes people to hasty trading while others do not just have the time and resources to do it properly. All these can make you lose money quite easily on bad projects. While 24 hours may not be enough for a skilled seasoned investor to assess the entire crypto market properly, most investors spend less time on assessing the market as they easily get overwhelmed by the quick return promised by cryptos (100x returns in weeks).


CoTrader help solve this problem by supporting cryptos and all assets like stocks and options. Through its decentralized and trustless platform, CoTraders provides users with a place for investment and managing their funds on a chain. The funds, referred to as Smart Funds, are traded on DEXs by fund managers. DEXs is standing for decentralized exchanges. While the funds are managed by fund managers, money remains under the full control of their investors who are accorded the freedom of depositing and withdrawing from any fund at a time. Smart funds used in the CoTrader platform entails an Ethereum smart contract consisting of investors, shares to be traded and a fund manager. Investors investing in the fund are provided with a specific amount of shares to represent their total ownership of the fund.


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