CoTrader – A Transparent Investment Funds Marketplace ICO Review

Blockchain technology makes it easier for casual investors to get the most out of their investments just like expert traders. CoTrader, an investment funds marketplace, aims at bringing more financial gains and freedom to investors. It is also disrupting how people can make use of their money and invest. It is on a mission to change the global investment funds sector valued at $85 trillion.


How CoTrader Works

The CoTrader is the first blockchain platform to bring a distinction between funds management and custodianship. The platform allows investors to take control of their money without holding it. It targets individuals who want to grow their investment portfolio but do not have adequate time to study the markets. CoTrader solves their problem by offering them full control over their assets.

As a transparent investment funds marketplace operating on the blockchain, CoTrader helps investors in many ways. It gives them a proven return on investment (ROI), privacy, security, asset control and complete liquidity. As an investor, you will find the marketplace ideal since it supports derivatives, shorts, all tradable assets, stocks, ICOs, and crypto. It manages to support these entities through its anonymizable smart funds’ protocol and super-DEX hybrid exchange tokenization infrastructure.



Helping people, gain greater financial freedom is one of the goals of CoTrader. The blockchain platform is also aimed at helping people increase their investment returns in a short time. It connects investors from both expertise sides for them to mutually benefit. Its other goal is to democratize investment funds with fewer restrictions to a creative world.


The Team

Part of CoTrader’s success is due to the synergistic team that handles the day-to-day activities of the blockchain platform. The team has a unique expertise in developing real-time blockchain apps. CoTrader’s founder and CEO, Gary Bernstein, leads the team in ensuring that the company’s blockchain apps help investors on a worldwide scale.

Besides Gary, Eliezer Steinbock (chief technology officer), Pasha Kaza (operations head) and David Bechimol (blockchain developer) are part of CoTrader’s professional team. Others include Adam Kovacs (fintech analyst), Samuel Guigui (business development head) and Ilkin Jafarali (community manager, Asia). CoTrader’s special advisory team comprises of industry experts such as Eric Zeng (data science), Elad Peled (business advisor) and Barak Ben-Ezer (strategic advisor).


Getting the Most Out of CoTrader

With CoTrader’s smart funds, you can verify the performance achievements and fees traders got in the past. You are free to join the crypto fund and become a fund manager. You can also build your performance history through the blockchain platform and get a chance to participate in the CoTrader marketplace as an investor.

CoTrader has several regulations in place to protect the investment interests of consumers like you. CoTrader tokens usually hide the valuable investment strategies of the traders through privacy preserving smart-contracts. When trading, you can also choose your own performance fee through the platform will deduct a small amount from it.

Platform profits help in furthering the development of CoTrader or buying back the CoTrader tokens. The trading and investments platform is currently live on the Ethureum main net. You have the chance to reap great returns if you become one of the early adopters of the platform.

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